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How To Generate Consistent & Predictable Sales, Duplicate Yourself, and Scale Your Company Even Without YOU...

(So That You Can FINALLY Take a Vacation, Do What You Love Without Worrying About Money, and Pass On a Thriving Business To Your Children)

From: Fibo Lim
Cebu City, Philippines

Dear CEO’s and Business Owners,

You're probably reading this page because you want to scale your company, automate your business, hire the best employees, grow your team, and hopefully get your life back from all its “busy-ness”.

As a business owner myself, I totally understand that one of your challenges is getting stuck at a certain stage in your business that no matter what you do, you can't seem to move up to the next level.

I've been there...

Your Problems Have Been My Problems and I Know The Solution. And I Believe I Can Help You...

You may have already seen me in TV or in social media...

But if for some weird reason that this is the first time you are hearing about me... My name is Fibo Lim.

For the past 7 years, I’ve been helping entrepreneurs and business owners grow their businesses online through digital marketing and social media advertising.

I’ve amassed a total of well over half a million followers and subscribers.

And have I’ve worked and consulted with some of the best entrepreneurs in the country helping them generate 7-8 figures per month in revenue.

But it wasn’t always that way...

When I was starting out, nobody knew who I was.

I have to travel all over the country to conduct seminars and get myself known. Yet no matter how tiring it was, I enjoyed it.

I loved it...

It has always been my dream to be a speaker. To share what I know, inspire my fellow entrepreneurs and make an impact in their lives.

Until My Business Was Running Low On Cash Flow...

I was so focused on my mission that I didn’t care to check the financials.

My accounting team kept telling me to pause my events and focus first on generating a positive cash flow.

But I didn’t listen. I insisted on continuing my live events.

“This is my mission. Follow your passion and the money will follow.” 

And oh boy, I was so wrong!

The pandemic came and I was hit hard with reality.

I turned into firefighting and crisis mode, jumping from one department to another trying to save what little I have while unconsciously leaving other departments behind.

I did accounting, marketing, admin, heck I even have to interview people just to make sure that we are hiring the best for our team.

I was so distracted from all the “necessary” operations in my business instead of focusing on my mission.

Eventually, it wasn’t enough...

I have to let go of people, stop my events, and finally decided to close down our physical office.

I Became Depressed, Unmotivated, and Burnt Out...

I didn’t know that as a business owner, you’ll have to deal with these other departments - such as marketing, sales, operations, finance, and HR.

And this is where most CEO’s and business owners get stuck.

They get burnt out doing everything by themselves and getting distracted from what they are really meant to do.

And Unless Your Business Can Run Without You, You Aren’t a Business Owner BUT a Glorified “Self-Employed”... 

There are a lot of self-proclaimed entrepreneurs but are actually stuck in what I call the “Self-Employment Trap”.

And I was one of them...

However, the pandemic came as an unexpected blessing and served as a great reset for me and my business.

I asked myself:

“How can I do things differently so that I can focus on my mission while building a profitable business that runs with or without me?” 

That’s when I decided to be a student of business.

I realized that I needed to invest in myself and learn from the right mentors.

I enrolled in courses, mastermind & mentorship programs and spent around $100,000 (or P5,000,000) for my self education.

And I discovered that if you want to build a thriving business that generates consistent and predictable sales, you need to remove yourself from the business through systems and processes... 

Everything Began to Change When I Started to Remove Myself from the Business...

Despite the pandemic, through our systems and processes, I was able to scale my business to 7-digits per month...

To confirm that what I finally discovered really WORKS...

..I’ve launched a brand new company from scratch in a competitive industry (health and wellness), with no brand, no following, didn’t use my previous connections and with only ONE product.

And 3 months upon launching, it hit 8-figures in revenue!

It was mind blowing and a business breakthrough for me...

When I shared what I’ve discovered with other entrepreneurs, I found out that they too have the same problems as I once had.

Just like me, they were stuck in the “self-employment” trap.

They were also doing everything themselves, jumping from one department to another, getting busier by the day yet still getting inconsistent sales and getting burnt out.

So I started consulting with them and their businesses went through the roof!

Just like...

Kim, who is in the samgyupsal business, was able to scale his business by spending P49,249 in advertising and earning P869,216 in return. 

Or Brylle, who has a software business and was able to earn half a million income for a 2 hours webinar.

 Or Tess, an educator and an owner of a Kumon Learning Center, where she was able to generate P192,000 for her business and a customer lifetime value of P5,670,000

There's Maj, who was once a broke medical student to now having an online education business that earns $4M in sales in 3 years!

Then there’s one of my clients, Black Scoop (A MilkTea Business) where they generated P100,000+ in 1 day and 2,523 potential repeat customers with an advertising budget of ONLY P1,000.

And Eruel, a former security guard who now owns a supplement business that generates 300-400 sales per day with his best month of P20M in just 30 days

Now, if you are feeling stuck in your business, feeling depressed, or burnt out that no matter what you do, you can't seem to grow.

Then you may also be stuck in the self-employment trap.

So how would you know if you are in this trap?

These are the 5 signs…

5 Signs You Aren’t a Real Business Owner And Are Stuck in The Self Employment Trap

Problem #1: Inconsistent Sales 

If you have a growing business, earning good profit yet you still experience inconsistent and unpredictable sales, then there is a problem.

If you are experiencing this then most likely there’s a problem or a lack of a marketing and selling system in place.

Tell me if this sounds familiar to you…

First, you’ll do marketing today. Once leads and prospects start coming in, you’ll shift into sales and convert these leads into customers.

Once you get paying customers, you shift into fulfillment and operations to deliver on your promise to your customers.

After a month of doing operations, you’ll realize that there are no leads and sales coming in.

So you shift back to marketing to generate leads, go back to sales to convert leads to customers and then again, do operations to fulfill your services.

The same cycle repeats thus giving your business inconsistent and unpredictable sales.

And the reason is because you are doing everything yourself!

If you want to generate consistent and predictable sales, you need to have a marketing and selling system in place.

This means that your marketing, sales, operations and fulfillment should run simultaneously so that you'll have a consistent stream of leads, sales and happy customers & clients.

And unless you do this, your business will control your life, you’ll get depressed and unmotivated.

Which leads us to problem #2.

Problem #2: Burn Out

It’s normal to be busy in your business, but when you are forced to do things that you don’t want to do, you’ll eventually get burnt out.

If you are good in sales and marketing yet you are forced to do admin or support-related tasks, or that your team wants you to check on the financials and accounting, then you’ll start to procrastinate.

Who wouldn’t?

You started a business because of the promise of time freedom, yet you ended up working more than being employed.

You have a lot of things to do from answering emails, to getting clients, to fulfilling your services.

Add to that the worry of inconsistent sales, headache employees yet still doing almost everything yourself?

And because there are just so many things to do and you know that you couldn’t finish them all, you don’t want to get started.

How do I know?

Because it happened to me!

I’d say:

“Okay, I have a lot of things to do this afternoon, so for now, I’ll watch Netflix first. I’ll enjoy first because I’ll be busy later.” 

After 2 hours of binge-watching...

“Na gutom ako ha? Kain muna ako.” 

After eating, I get sleepy and I sleep for another 2 hours. 

When I wake up, it’s already 5:00 PM and I’d say: 

“Shocks! 5PM na, I’ll do it tomorrow. It’s better to start the work early in the day.” 

I’ve wasted the whole day and I haven’t done a single thing for my business. 

Can you relate or have experienced a similar situation? 

If so, then you’re probably burnt out too from your business. 

And the only way for you to solve this is to finally detach and remove yourself from your business and later I’ll tell you how.

Problem #3: You Can Not Duplicate Yourself

Are you having a hard time attracting the best employees for your business?

When all you want to do is to duplicate yourself and let someone else do the tasks for you.

You want to build a team to take care of the business so that you can experience the promised time freedom.

But instead, you end up paying expensive salaries, having headache employees and getting a lot of stress!

Before when you started out, you’re the only employee. Now, you have a team, it’s like slowly going into insanity.

I know I’ve experienced that.

Personally, I’ve hired a manager to manage my team, yet I ended up managing the manager and still doing the tasks he was supposed to be doing.

I wasted money, I got stressed out, and exerted twice the effort than doing it myself.

It’s so crazy!

And I never understood why.

Until I discovered the reason why you are having a hard time attracting the best employees is because...

..you are so used to doing tasks yourself that you can’t imagine other people doing it for you.

So if you want to attract the right employees for your team, then you need a system that they can follow on day 1 so that you don’t have to keep on training and managing them.

But instead, they’ll work with less supervision, giving you your desired outcome and retain them even without paying expensive salaries.

Do this and you’ll avoid experiencing problem #4. 

Problem #4: You Are The Business

If you can not duplicate yourself by hiring the best team for your business, then unfortunately, you can’t leave your business.

If you are on vacation, your business is also on vacation.

If you get sick, your business also gets sick.

And if you procrastinate, your business also procrastinates.

Therefore you don’t have a business...

You are self-employed!

And this is what I call the “self-employment trap.”

Many entrepreneurs think that they have a business, but the truth is they are “glorified self-employed.”

And in this the worst thing that can happen to you.

Here’s why…

There are always advantages and disadvantages to any career.

If you are an employee, your advantage is that you have stability in your income. Every 15th and 30th, you can expect to receive a salary.

The disadvantage is that you have very little room for financial growth.

If you are a business owner, your advantage is that you can grow your business as much as you can.

You have growth potential but you lack the stability of a predictable income.


..if you are an entrepreneur who is “self-employed”, you don't have the stability of a predictable income.

Also you can not grow because you are the business and are limited to only what you can do.

Being in the “self-employment trap”  is like having both the disadvantages of an employee and a business owner.

And if you want to build a thriving business that can run without you, then you need to stop “being the business” and start actually building one!  

Problem #5: No Profit Left

And lastly, if you have any of the signs above, I can almost guarantee that at the end of the day, there will be no to little profit left in your business.

What do I mean?

If you’ve been in business for years, you probably have a lot of sales coming in.

You can pay for your employees, suppliers, credit card, rent and other bills on time, but most probably you can not pay yourself.

If you’re in the “self-employment trap”, your business will look good on paper, but your bank account will say the opposite.

These are all the inevitable results of being stuck in the trap.

And your dream to retire or pass on a thriving business to your children still remains a distant dream because you can not imagine yourself running the business without you. 

It’s Time to Escape the "Self-Employment Trap" and Systematize Your Business That Works Even Without You...

Now if you have any of these 5 signs of self employment trap, I want to help you.

I understand that as an entrepreneur you are gifted with the passion of helping and solving problems for people.

You have a mission...

And it is not your job to take care of these other so called "necessary" operations for your business.

You have to detach and remove yourself from the business through processes and systems.

You have to systematize all of them so that your business can run without you and focus on matters most  important for your business...

.. and that is helping and serving your customers and clients and making a difference to them.

So if you want to scale your business and get your life back...

...let me and my team personally work with you and help you systematize your business so that it can generate consistent & predictable sales even without you.

A business that: 

  • Can attract your dream clients and close them 24/7 without having to talk with them individually
  • Has a marketing & selling system that can generate you sales even if you’re on a vacation
  • Attracts the best employees and be able to retain them without having to pay expensive salaries.
  • Have processes & systems in place so that you can achieve the promised time freedom and be able to do what you truly want without worrying about money.
  • And finally a business that you can proudly pass on to your children without giving them stress, headaches and getting burnt out

To get started...

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